These are the processes that we can carry through: cutting, sanding, sizing and planing. 

When it comes to thicknessing, it is necessary to take into account a tolerance of a few tenths of a millimeter.

Kindly keep in mind that ours are Sawmill machines and do not have sufficient finishing capacity to deliver pieces ready for final processing (for example glueing-up).

Some processes have a fixed cost, for others a quote will be provided.

The following are the fixed rates:

  • thicknessing and sanding of soundboards, back and sides sets, € 2,00 each set.
  • thicknessing, planing, body cutting, € 5,00 each piece. 

For other instruments or other processes in general a quote will be provided during the order phase. 

When formulating a request through the site’s online shopping, kindly specify the minimum measurements you require in the order’s "notes" field.

Prices are tax not included