Latin name: Dalbergia Retusa

Origin: Nicaragua

Arrived: April 2020

Boards 40/50 mm thick

Spanish Cedar

Latin name: Cedrela Odorata

Origin: Bolivia

Arrived: April 2020

Boards 80 mm thick, guitar neck blanks and humidor sheets

Italian Alpine Spruce

Latin name: Picea Excelsa

Origin: Italy, Dolomites

Arrived: March 2019 - April 2020

Processed into violin, viola and cello soundboards. Guitar soundboards will be processed this autumn.

Figured Maple

Latin name: Acer sp

Origin: Romania

Arrived: February 2020

Violin and Cello backs, high quality


Latin name: Tilia Platyphylla

Origin: Europe

Arrived: September 2019 

Lumbers in various thickness (up to 80 mm). Body blanks and turning blocks available.

Pear wood

Latin name: Pirus Communis

Origin: Europe

Arrived: July 2019

Beautiful and even color,  we produced doublebass, viola da gamba, violin and viola sets, as well as guitar back and sides


Latin name: Cordia dodecandra

Origin: Mexico

Arrived: June 2019

Products: guitar sets and sawn sizes for woodworking


Latin name: Machaerium Villosum

Origin: Bolivia, Brazil

Arrived: April 2019 - January 2020

Products: We received a good stock of Santos boards, various thickness. We processed some back and sides guitar sets  and fingerboards. Blocks for woodworking are also available. 

Pequia Marfim

Latin name: Aspidosperma desmanthum

Origin: Brazil

Arrived: March 2019

Products: We received boards and sawn sizes, such as billiard cues, bow limbs, knives handles

African Ebony

Latin name: Diospyros Crassiflora

Origin: Camerun 

Arrived: January 2018

Products: Fresh cut wood with large dimension. For more informatio, see our blog post